Printing invitations and other PDF files

Printing Invitations And Other Pdf Files

Recently, I received a question asking why the text on my editable invitations do not show up when uploading the file online. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I’ve been selling editable invitations for close to 4 years, how is it that nobody else asked me this question? How have my other customers been printing, I wondered, while at the same time scrambling to work out a fix.

I checked the website given by my customer, and indeed, the text disappeared! Turns out, the website was a photo print shop.

Photo kiosks or photo print shops, for example Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS, are expecting JPG files, not PDF.

Nothing wrong there. They are expecting to print photographs, after all. My editable invitations are PDF files.

Why are the files PDF instead of JPG?

It’s a technical limitation. To enable customers to enter their own details in an invitation template and have it look good, I can only offer the templates in PDF format. It is not possible to offer JPG and have them be editable at the same time. For that, you would need designer intervention.

Side note about Microsoft Word: I could offer the invitations in Microsoft Word, but to edit, you would need to own the Microsoft Word software, and then install my specially selected fonts on your computer. Such a hassle, right? With PDF, there is no need to install extra fonts, and Adobe Reader is free for all to use.

The fix: How to print documents online

I did a test-run on two document printing services: OfficeDepot OfficeMax, and Staples. This is not a comparison of which is better, simply a step-by-step of the uploading process offered by two different stores.

For each store, I captured a few screenshots to illustrate the steps I took. I did this on a regular computer, not a mobile phone or tablet. I selected the same type of paper (110lbs cardstock) for this test-run. Feel free to choose the type of paper you like best. Prices vary for different paper types.

Alternatively, save the file on a USB stick and bring it to a local print shop near you. Not a photo shop.

Information and links are correct as of September 2019.

Office Depot OfficeMax

Get started on Office Depot OfficeMax

  1. Click on the Upload Your Files button and locate your file to upload.
  2. Once uploaded, a preview of your file will be displayed. Enter details in the print options.
  3. Example – Quantity: 20, Paper Size: Letter, Paper Type and Color: Cardstock Standard Whites – 110lb
  4. Click the Add to Cart button when you’re ready to order.
Price for 20 copies (40 invites): $12.20

Swipe through the images in the box below to view the screenshots.


Get started on Staples

  1. Click on Documents Printing.
  2. Click on the Buy Now button for Color.
  3. You will see the printing interface. Click the Add Files button and then locate your file to upload.
  4. Example – Quantity: 20, Media: White 110lb Cardstock
  5. Click the Add to Cart button when you’re ready to order.
Price for 20 copies (40 invites): $13.00

Swipe through the images in the box below to view the screenshots.

Do you have questions? I’m all about providing support, so just send me a message to get in touch.

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