Preview of wedding seating templates

Preview Of Wedding Seating Templates
The images below are a preview of the seating charts included when you purchase any of the above wedding seating templates.
There are 2 sizes included, and 3 templates for each size. In total, there are 6 templates, but you most likely will only need one. Have a look at these images to check if the templates suit your needs.
For each preview, there is a maximum number of lines that the template can accommodate at the suggested font size. If you lower the font size by 1 or 2 points, you can fit a few more than the ‘maximum’ number. These PDF templates are flexible that way; you can change the font size as you please. Text colors too can be changed from within Adobe Reader.

18 x 24 inches

18 x 24 inches - 3 columns

18 x 24 inches - 4 columns

18 x 24 inches - 5 columns

24 x 36 inches

24 x 36 inches - 4 columns

24 x 36 inches - 5 columns

24 x 36 inches - 6 columns

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