How to customize gift tags with more text

How To Customize Gift Tags With More Text

Hands in the Attic sells many printable, editable gift tags. If you haven’t checked them out, you can do so here.

The sample texts on these tags are usually short phrases, for example, “A gift for you”, “Handmade with love”, “Thank you for celebrating with us”. You can easily replace the text with a short phrase of your own.

Occasionally, I get a question about how to insert more text or a poem, such as the one below:

Our baby girl is coming, the time is near… When you get the big news, open your bottle and send a cheer!

Sometimes it’s baby boy, sometimes it’s the baby’s name. The tags are printed, cut and attached to mini champagne or wine bottles to be used as baby shower favors.

If the tag design has enough space, you can fit more text

This post is a short guide to how you can input more than just a few words into your gift tags. The amount of text possible is limited to the available text area of each tag. I’ll be using the blue chevron party favor labels as an example, but the same method applies to other gift tag designs that offer ample space for long text.

In other words, if your chosen gift tag design has space for 1-2 lines of small text, do not expect to squeeze in 6 lines of text.

The general idea is to reduce the font size to give you space to type your poem, and then increase it to the desired font size. Understand that the nature of text boxes in Adobe Reader is that its size is fixed so as to contain text in the intended areas. This constraint actually makes sense, because if text is allowed to overflow, that would defeat the purpose of a template!

1. Open the file in Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC.

Adobe Reader is free, and you don’t have to install any fonts.

How To Customize Gift Tags With More Text
The screen that greets you when you open the editable PDF file in Adobe Reader.

2. Start to edit the first tag.

Only type a few lines and then stop.

Gift Tag With Poem

Highlight the text and press Ctrl + E (PC) or Cmd + E (Mac). This brings up a Properties toolbar. With the text still highlighted, change the font size to a smaller number, for example, 9. The text size reduces and you now have space to continue typing more text!

Change Font Size On Editable Gift Tags
Reduce the font size for now. This is temporary so don’t fret if it looks too small.

3. Once you have finished, highlight the text again.

If you do not see the Properties toolbar, press Ctrl + E (PC) or Cmd + E (Mac) again to bring it up. Increase the text size by 1, then by 2, and so on until you’re satisfied with the size.

For advanced users, you can increase the font size to a larger number immediately. If the number is too large, you will hear a pop sound – an alert to tell you that hey that font size is too big, scale down!

Change Font Size On Printable Gift Tags
If you increase the font size but nothing changes, it means you have reached the maximum font size allowed for the allocated space.

4. Repeat the same steps with the other tags.

Printable Gift Tags Baby Boy Shower

5. Save and print!

Depending on the version of Adobe Reader you have, an alert message might pop up when you try to save. If that happens, go to File > Save As > PDF or File > Save A Copy and give your file a new name.

That’s about it. If you run into problems, send a message and I’ll be sure to help or find a solution for you.

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