Guide for First-time Buyers

This guide is applicable to products on handsintheattic.com or handsintheattic.etsy.com

Are you new to printable products? This guide aims to help first-time buyers learn more about them. Discover how easy it is to save time and money by choosing printable products for your wedding, party and celebration needs.


Printable products are digital files that you use for printing. The terms digital products, digital downloads, instant downloads, instant printables, digital printables, are often used to mean that printing is not included in the item price and it’s up to you to print the files.

Shop designs for invitations, seating charts, party decor, wedding signs, games, food tent cards, gift tags, and more on Hands in the Attic.

When you purchase a printable product, you can expect a design as shown in the product listing, in the form of a digital file.

You will not receive a tangible item like you would when shopping on Amazon.

The digital file you get will always be high-resolution and optimized to give you clear prints.

Instant downloads vs Customized files

Products on Hands in the Attic are either Instant downloads or Customized files

Instant downloads are files that are immediately available after you purchase and complete the checkout process. You will receive an email with links to download the file.

Some of our instant downloads are templates that can be personalized by you. Check each product description to see if the file is editable. If it can, the product images and description will show you which parts can be edited.

To edit, open the PDF file in Adobe Reader on a computer. Instructions for personalization are always included.

Customized files are modified by us, and then sent to you via email. At the checkout stage, include the text exactly as you would like.

Where to include this text?

– On handsintheattic.com, the text box is on the product page.

– On our Etsy shop, the text box is on the checkout page.

Upon receiving your order, it will be processed and customized. The processing time is at the top of this web page.

For invitations

You are welcome to request for text modifications: for example if an invitation says couples shower, but you’re having a baby shower instead, just specify that you would like that change. The text you see in the samples are just that, samples.

For seating charts

Besides the guest list, the header can usually be changed too, according to your wishes. Instead of please find your seat, for example, you might want it to display the names of the couple.

How to Print

The digital files that you buy on Hands in the Attic can be printed at home, at a local print shop, or uploaded to an online printing service.

If printing at home, set your printer settings to high and print on white paper. Ultra-white or bright-white paper or card stock often give the best and most vibrant results.

If printing at a local print shop, save the file from your computer to a thumb drive and hand it over to the print staff.

If printing online, Fedex, Staples, Office Depot, are reputable options that offer printing services and delivery.