What is Hands in the Attic?

Hands in the Attic is an online shop selling printable designs for weddings and celebrations.
For weddings, products include invitations, rsvp and save the date cards, signs, seating charts, ceremony programs, reception menus, etc.
For celebrations such as baby showers, bridal showers, and kids parties, we offer custom invitations, party banners, decor, and printable party packages.
All products are digital, and we do not provide printing services.

Where do you sell?

Do you have customer reviews?

Yes, reviews are organized yearly and can be found here:

Files & Download

How do I receive my files?

  • Instant Printables: You will receive a download link via email right after purchase.
  • Custom Printables: You will receive the digital file via email.

Don’t see it in your inbox? Please check your spam folder.

I cannot open the zip file in Adobe Reader. Why is it a zip file?

Some files are compressed into ZIP files. This saves storage space on the server, decreases the time for you to download to your computer, and provides better organization. You must decompress or unzip these files in order to access the relevant files.
The easiest way to open a ZIP file is to double-click on it and let your computer show you the folders and files contained inside. In most operating systems, including Windows and macOS, ZIP files are handled internally, without the need for any extra software.
Alternatively, you can also right-click on the file, and choose ‘Extract All’ (PC) or ‘Open With’ (Mac).

Can you convert the file to a Microsoft Word file? Why?

No, files are always either in JPG or PDF format as clearly stated in the item description. If you need Adobe Reader, it’s a free software that you can download here:
Microsoft Word is a paid software and only available to people who pay for it. Adobe Reader is a free software available to everyone. To make our files accessible to all and not dependent on a paid software, we choose to prepare the templates as PDF files.

I cannot open the PDF on my mobile phone.

Files are saved at their highest quality, and this can lead to large file sizes. Some mobile phones may not be able to handle it and show you a blank screen. It is always recommended to use a computer to download and view your files.

What is the quality of your files?

Files are saved at 300ppi which results in the best quality prints.

Product Help

Can I edit my file? How?

This differs for each product. Please check individual product descriptions.
For files that are editable, open it in Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop computer. This is important because the files will not function as intended in other PDF software, Internet browsers or mobile devices.
Select the sample text, and type your own. Do not cut and paste, as this can mess up the fonts.
For advanced users: To change the font style or size, select the text you just typed, press Ctrl + E (PC) or Cmd + E (Mac) to activate the toolbar. From this toolbar, make the changes you want.

Can I change the color of the text?

If the product is an editable template, you can change the color of the editable text. To do this, highlight the text, and then press Ctrl + E (PC) or Cmd + E (Mac) to bring up a Properties Toolbar. Click the icon at the far left to select a new color.

I have problems with the template. It does not look like the sample on your website.

The template you download will always look like the sample. So why does it look different on your computer? Sometimes, you may have accidentally opened it in an Internet browser or previewed it in another software apart from Adobe Reader, and this changes the fonts and formatting.
In situations like this, the best solution is to delete the file from your computer, and download the original file(s) again. This time, be sure to open the file only in Adobe Reader.
Get the latest version of Adobe Reader to be sure:

How do I cut the templates to size?

Use a ruler & craft knife and carefully cut by following the guidelines.

Turnaround Time

When will I receive my item?

  • Instant Printables: You will receive it immediately after purchase. Check your email for the link to download.
  • Invitations, Wedding Signs: You will receive it within the processing time shown in the product description.
  • Wedding Seating Charts: You will receive it in 3-5 business days. A rush service is available for an extra fee – this can be selected on the product page when placing the order –  and is valid daily including weekends.

I'm in a hurry! Can you rush a customized item for me?

It depends on our current projects and workload. Feel free to ask!


What do you do with the data I send to you?

All information collected from you will be used to fulfil your order and communicate with you about your order.

How do I send my data to you?

For customized items such as seating charts, signs and invitations, we need you to provide your data. You can add it in the order form on the product page, or email it to:


What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment can be made via PayPal. As we have a verified business account with PayPal, you are also welcome to pay with major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Is payment secure?

Yes. Payment is handled by PayPal, regardless of whether you pay with a PayPal account or a credit card. Our online shop does not store your payment details at any time. When you buy from us, we don’t ever see your credit card number.


How do I print?

  • Option 1 – Use an online printing service You can upload your PDF file to an online printing service such as Office Depot OfficeMax, Staples. Here’s a support article showing screenshots of the process.
  • Option 2 – Use a local print shop Save your files on a USB drive and bring it to the shop.
  • Option 3 – Print at home For regular letter-sized items, you can print with your home printer. Be sure to open PDF files in Adobe Reader. For best results, set the quality to High and print at Actual Size. Bright-white 110lb card stock is recommended for most printable products.

Can I print at a photo kiosk or photo shop?

Please do not. Photo kiosks and photo shops such as Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS, are expecting to print photographs. They usually want you to provide files in JPG format. Most of the files you find in my shop are PDF files, especially the files that are editable. PDF gives superior prints for products such as party invitations, games, signage, etc. Please read the support article about this issue.

Can you print it for me for an extra fee?

No, at the moment all our products are sold as digital files only.


How do I order?

Browse the shop and select the item(s) you want. Purchase as you would when shopping online. Remember to provide a valid email address at Checkout. Once checkout is complete, you can expect to receive your files in your email inbox.
If it’s instant, you can check your email within minutes.
If it’s custom, you can expect it within the processing time stated in each product description.

Returns & Refunds

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of all our products, orders are not eligible for refunds. Customer service is of paramount importance, so if you’re dissatisfied in any way or feel that we have not represented our products well, please get in touch and your concern will be promptly addressed.

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